Empowering Women Rescued From Sex Trafficking

Empowering Women Rescued From Sex Trafficking

This week Grotto catches up with Mariah Escamilla, a volunteer with Destiny Rescue. She shares how the organization makes a difference in the lives of women and children rescued from sex trafficking.

Video Transcript

Mariah Escamilla: Destiny Rescue — they do a lot of their ministry in Fort Wayne, in the surrounding Fort Wayne areas.

Destiny Rescue saves and takes in children enslaved in sex trafficking.

Mariah: We go around to random events that happen in Fort Wayne and they have a jewelry table.

Jewelry-making is one of the trade skills Destiny Rescue teaches those they rescued.

Mariah: The jewelry table is jewelry that is made by the survivors and rescues of human trafficking that they have in their safe homes.

These children, they’re taught trade skills, vocational skills, to be able to have a life outside of the safe homes, after they have been rescued and to not go back to sexual slavery.

We also teach them Christian values. That’s a big part of their ministry.

Their mission: Rescuing, restoring, protecting, and reintegrating these children from sexual slavery.

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