Shelter For Pregnant Women Changes Perspective of Volunteer | Little Ways: Care

This week, Grotto catches up with Lucy Miller, a volunteer at Maggie’s Place. She explains how a year of service with the organization that serves homeless pregnant women completely changed her perspective on the world.

Video Transcript

Lucy Miller: My name is Lucy Miller, and I volunteered for Maggie’s Place. So Maggie’s Place is a community of homes of hospitality for homeless pregnant women.

So when I was a volunteer, I did everything from cleaning up spit up off the floor to holding moms’ hands when they were in labor, and making hospital trips with them.

I didn’t know what to expect going into my years of service. What ended up happening was that it completely changed my perspective on the world really.

So I think doing a year of service is incredibly beneficial for literally anybody. It teaches you how to work with people. It teaches you how to communicate well and have good emotional boundaries.

Be open to new experiences because it’s a huge learning experience. It’s hugely informative and it really is valuable for whatever work you end up doing after your service. Volunteering a couple hours a week is still great and needed.

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