These Bike Rides Make a Positive Impact

This week Grotto catches up with Mike Sanders, a volunteer with PMA Bike Ride. ‘PMA’ stands for Positive Mental Attitude and the bike rides involve giving out pizza to people who are hungry. He shares how giving back through these bike rides has helped him in his recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction.

“The basic premise is just try to spread positivity and show people you can make a difference,” he says.

Video Transcript

Mike Sanders: My name’s Mike Sanders. PMA Bike Ride stands for Positive Mental Attitude. We pick up pizza from different pizza places and feed anyone that’s hungry.

PMA Bike Ride volunteers deliver pizza to those who are hungry and in need.

Mike: The basic premise is just trying to spread positivity and show people you can make a difference.

Through conversation and positivity, they show love one slice at a time.

Mike: I’m in recovery. I quit drinking about four years ago. I quit heroin about two years ago. I struggled, and that’s what addiction is. I was just able to break free of it and that came with showing up at the rides, seeing how people get back. If someone doesn’t have enough, you’ll see someone that just asks for food, giving half of it to the person right next to them.

In addition to delivering pizza, Mike started his own ride and hands out breakfast.

Mike: Anyone can do this. It’s just letting people know that there’s people out there that care.

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