Designer Makes Clothes with Meaning

There are a lot of ways we can inspire others, whether it be with our words, actions, or the unique gifts we were given. For business owner Devin Jackson, he sees an opportunity to inspire and connect with others through the clothing he designs.

“The ultimate goal is to be able to inspire and give others hope, and spread love at the same time. I realize it’s a lot bigger than me.”

Video Transcript

Meet Devin: fashion designer

Davenport, Iowa

(clothing storefront)

Devin Jackson: Being down here, I used to be here all the time — doing my schoolwork, working with my mom and pop. Being around fashion was something that became a part of my life.

It was something I was nervous about, like starting. I’ve never owned my own business. I had a lot of responsibility on my hands, and that was a lot of pressure, I felt like at first for any 20-, 21-year-old.

Devin is a fashion designer and owner of DJay’s Fashion

96 Myles, and that is my personal brand — ’96, that’s the year I was born, and when you hear “Myles,” you think of distance, but that’s my middle name. If you’re willing to go the distance for what you want, it takes time. But if you’re willing to really put in the work, it’ll come to fruition. You just got to stay down and keep pushing, no matter how long it takes. So, that brand alone is pretty much just encouraging everyone to, if you see it, chase it, and make it happen. The face of that brand would be a turtle. It pretty much encourages others to move at their own pace while they’re trying to achieve whatever it is that they want to do in life.

(Looking at clothing sketches on a phone)

Then I’m looking at right now something that we have in production getting made. This will be a store, like a home team set. A “million reasons” hooded set. A Kaizen track set. That’s going to be fire.

(Speaking to customers coming in store) How y’all doing?

Like now, in these trying times now, 2020, I feel like everyone’s getting a bit more deeper and trying to put a positive message out there. And what other way? Besides like, I mean, you can do it in the media. But you can silently do it in fashion, too. Might walk past and see a shirt that kind of uplifts you. So getting your message out there through the clothing is essential in the street wear I feel like. ’Cause, you can wear it, but what does it mean? Like, what’s behind it?

There was a time where a kid’s mother had came in. And she was like, “Yeah, that boy just keep on wearing that sweatshirt from last year.” And it’s like, “Every time we go out somewhere, he wanted to put on that shirt. Like boy, let’s go down to DJs and get you some new sweatshirts because that seem to be your favorite one.” You know what I’m saying? So it’s like, little things like that. That’s something that sticks with us.

That’s the ultimate goal is to be able to inspire, inspire and give others hope. And spread love at the same time. I realize it’s a lot bigger than me. So I’m just going to continue to do what God gave me the will to do, and just keep pushing, keep my legs going.

(Boy looks through clothes)

All right, I wrote you up. As soon as that junk come in, I’ma tap in with you.

Customer: All right, love.

Devin: All right, love, bro. I got you.

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