Need a Laugh? Here are the Grotto Team’s Recs

Have a laugh, on us. Check out the Grotto team's favorite funny videos.

When was the last time you had a good laugh? Whether it was months ago or just this morning, you’re always due for another. Laughter has the power to lift up spirits, diffuse awkward situations, heal broken hearts, and unite people across different backgrounds and cultures. Here at Grotto, we spend a lot of time creating, building, and strategizing — we also do a lot of laughing together. To spread the joy, we’re sharing some of our top recommendations for a good laugh.


Jessie: To say this is more or less what happened in my house wouldn’t be far from the truth. Coming from a family of ten, the prospect of company coming elicited this exact chaos. I have memories of watching this video repeatedly with my sisters — and cry-laughing our way through it every time.

Makaela: The fluff ball goes through so many emotions while hearing its owner “let it rip.” Confusion, concern, annoyance, and more. If animals could talk: “Dude, you good?!”

INVISIBLE DANGER PRANK (Try Not To Laugh!!) 😂 | Funny TikTok Compilation 🤣🤣🤣

Adrienne: I’m that one person that loves doing jump scares as well as a good prank. I think that’s why I love this “invisible danger” prank I’ve seen on TikTok and Instagram. Though I haven’t found the right opportunity to pull the prank myself, I really can’t help but laugh so hard at these videos.

Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele

Ciara: As someone who grew up dreading substitute teacher day because I knew I’d undoubtedly get a mispronunciation during attendance or even better, the “I’m not even going to try to pronounce this one” — this skit makes me chuckle EVERY TIME.

Flight of the Conchords Ep 3 Think About it

Kevin: There is crime in the streets and Flight of the Conchords wrote a completely ridiculous song about it! 

@wizgot_wizz #duet with @motokimaxted "well just have water"😂 #fyp #wizgot_wizz #papiwizgot #papiwiz #jesusisking #jesus #welljusthavewater #superfamoustiktoker ♬ original sound – MotokiMaxted

Josh: We were recently doing a video project where we were asking priests if they think God/Jesus has a sense of humor. This video sums up perfectly what one of the Fathers described — “Have you ever seen 12 guys hanging around? They’re always laughing and slapping each other!”

Woman Gets Startled by Stranger and Screams || ViralHog

Fr. Brendan: He’s so friendly. She’s absolutely terrified. I don’t know, but it’s a hilarious combination, and it makes me laugh every time I watch it. Sometimes life can catch you off guard and you can be surprised how something, even something frightening, can be funny. 

Jackie: I like this video because the more I watch it, the funnier it gets. I like how it captures the witty moment where he got the idea for the joke, checked the surroundings, and waited to collapse. The timing and execution are flawless. This goofy love shows the reason why they’re married for 20 years!

The Simpsons - Finding 20 Dollars

Jane: If the Simpsons taught me anything, it’s that money can be exchanged for goods and services.

Ebony: The guard dog we all need. Whenever I need a good laugh, I watch funny animal videos. 

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