5 Hobbies You Can Take on Solo


Taking on a hobby is a judgment-free way to explore passions and areas of curiosity. Hobbies keep us mentally engaged and help us develop new skills. Some hobbies, like baking and gardening, meet basic needs in a fun way. Other hobbies, such as reading, simply bring relaxation.

While it’s enjoyable to share hobbies with a friend or partner, solo hobbies are convenient because you can follow your inspiration on your own time. Whether you want to get your hands on an ongoing project or just find a new way to spend a free afternoon when all your friends are busy, here are some hobbies you can do on your own that are handy to have on deck.


Biking is a hobby with heaps of layers. It is perfect for the solo outdoor enthusiast or for anyone who loves the technical. First of all, biking is pure fun. I love the feeling of flying down the bike lane with the wind in my face. Biking is lovely for utilitarian purposes — a way to transport yourself from A to B — but it’s just as good for giving you the feeling of being out on recess.

Biking is a solid solo hobby because it’s already naturally solitary. Think about it — when was the last time you biked with a friend and had a good conversation without screaming into the wind? That’s what I thought. If you can’t invest in a bike, check out whether your area has a bike-share system for day use.

For those bent to the technical, bike culture has tons of opportunities for learning mechanical skills. You can spend months learning things such as how to make DIY repairs and tune-ups, change your tubes and tires, customize your bike — the list goes on! In addition, the bike community extends beyond the solo bike hobbyist. I’ve found that most major cities have bike group meetups for socializing and repair help.

Visit museums

Get out of the elements and soak in culture at the museums you’ve been meaning to go to. I prefer to go to museums alone because I can wander at my own pace. I enjoy taking my time to read the descriptive signs and to linger at exhibits as long as I want.

Creative environments such as museums get my own creativity flowing, too. I typically bring a notebook so that I can write or sketch when inspiration strikes. If this sounds like you, consider practicing other hobbies such as these during a museum visit. Remember — when you’re on your own, anything goes!

Become a regular at your farmers’ market

Carve out weekend mornings to become a regular at your local farmers’ market. Part shopping, part art show, one can easily make a hobby out of browsing the market. I enjoy chatting with the growers and artists and picking out local and seasonal foods to incorporate into my week’s recipes.

It’s much more fun and social than grocery shopping in a store, the vendors are often engaging and kind, and local and organic produce and veggies are better for the environment and for your body. For an extra challenge, try buying bulk boxes of imperfect produce to experiment with what you can make from them.

Brew kombucha

Kombucha is a naturally fermented, fizzy, probiotic drink, and it makes a healthy alternative to caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. Natural and organic food shops typically sell kombucha for around $3 a bottle — but did you know you can make your own?

All you need are sugar, a starter bottle of kombucha, teabags, and patience. These ingredients will begin a continuous brew that will quench your thirst all summer long without breaking the bank. A Google search can get you started with your brew.

Walk with audiobooks

I love to read, but any nice weather always motivates me to be active outside. Downloading audiobooks allows me to “read” many more books than I typically would in the warmer months when activity competes with reading.

It’s nice to stroll around the city, check out a park, or even grocery shop while listening to an audiobook. If you desire to read more but have trouble carving out the time, this is a good way to multitask. Best of all, it’s not rude to be plugged into headphones when you’re on your own!

I use the app Libby to connect my public library card to my phone. With Libby, I can easily browse my library system’s audiobook selection and download or stream books using my phone. You can also purchase books on streaming services such as Audible.

Alone time is healthy. Solo hobbies like these provide relaxation and enjoyment while giving you some time for yourself. They also offer a sense of empowerment as you see that you can have fun regardless of your relationship status or your best friends’ availability!

It’s important to grow as a person apart from your professional life. Give yourself the gift and challenge of a new hobby, and see what you discover about yourself!

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