Youth Running Club Gives Girls Confidence | Little Ways: Mentor

This week, Grotto Network catches up with Ellen Roof, a mentor with Girls on the Run. She explains how the exercise program for youth girls brings them confidence and that anyone can find ways to be a mentor.

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Video Transcript:

Ellen Roof: Hi, my name’s Ellen Roof.

Girls on the Run is really unique, because they not only teach girls about inner confidence and becoming a positive force for good in the world, but they also creatively integrate running into it.

So at the end of every season, all the girls run a 5K with running buddies and with their coaches, and it was really amazing.

I know that I feel like I’ve grown so much from mentoring these girls, so I would really encourage everyone to find a child, find someone that you can forge that personal relationship with and you will definitely not only help them but you’ll help yourself.

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